A new project : maze solving robot

Robot partsMy 13 year old doughter is folowing STEM in high school. The STEM teacher has decided her class will participate in the STEM tornooi contest organised by Technolpolis, a technology museum in Mechelen, Belgium. During the first presentation of the challenge in the classroom my daughter mentioned I have experience with electronics and robotics. As a result I was asked to give the kids an introduction into building their robot. Of course it's not possible to teach them everything they need to learn in a couple of hours, so I just put them on the right path, created a document of the lesson and set them on their way.

My daughter was so intrigued by the information I gave the class she wanted to start building her own robot during spring break. Luckily I had some spare parts and pretty quickly had a kit put together. It does pay to buy those extra bits when you do a project. They do come in handy later on. ;-)

This will be a story of a youg teenager doing her first steps into electronics and micro controllers. The end result will be a project page will the complete steps on how to build the robot yourself.