Wire cutter

Submitted by Bert on Fri, 02/28/2020 - 17:34

Wire cutters are generally used to cut metal wire. Some have coated grips that ensure that you will not get shocked by electrical wires you're working with. Slanting cutters have intersecting jaws that cut the wire at an angle, leaving a flat tip.

There are three main types of wire cutters:

  1. Beveled edge: Beveled edge wire cutters are more strong and cut the wires so that each end has a sharp face.
  2. Semi-flush: Semi flush wire cutters are designed to cut fine wires to an almost smooth surface. Though this is better to a chisel-like point, they can easily be broken and are not intended for steel wire.
  3. Flush: Flush cutters can provide a sheer faced cut but are often very expensive and provide a level of accuracy which is often optional.

Never try to cut hard metal wire unless the cutters are specifically manufactured for that goal. You will damage the sharp edge of the cutter making it less useful or, if done multiple times, totally useless.